WIVI Vision: assess and train your vision with technology

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Very grateful to La Vanguardia and Lorena Farràs Pérez for interviewing the founders of WIVI Vision! Thank you for highlighting the international advancements of our innovative visual assessment and training solution.

This international development helps us ensure that an increasing number of people can objectively and enjoyably take care of their visual efficiency using the latest technology: 3D video games supported by Artificial Intelligence.

A big step towards making vision care more accessible

WIVI Vision uses artificial intelligence and big data, in combination with 3D video game-based training, with the aim of facilitating the work of specialists and improving patient experience.

One of the major advantages that our technology brings is that we manage to reduce the visual assessment time from one hour to 15 minutes, and the training duration goes from six months to a month and a half in mild cases, and from a year to three months in severe cases. And all at a reasonable price.

In addition, WIVI is a valuable clinical aid for specialists because it provides them with objective data to help them make better decisions regarding patients.

As Eva García Ramos, CEO and Co-Founder of WIVI Vision, points out in the interview with La Vanguardia: “Our goal now is to grow internationally. We have just reached an agreement to enter the North American market with a local partner and, in 2024, we will make the leap to the United Kingdom”.

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