WIVI Vision entra en Estados Unidos de la mano de un socio local

WIVI Vision arrives in the United States through a local partner

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We are thrilled to announce that we are making the international leap into the United States!

Thanks to our partner in the United States for making #WIVI technology accessible to vision professionals, and to Moda en Gafas for echoing our international growth.

We make the leap to the United States!

As Eva García Ramos, CEO and co-founder of WIVI Vision, said: “This agreement represents an important leap in the company’s internationalization plans for the coming years”.

WIVI Vision’s solution is based on advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, Big Data, and 3D. In combination with gamification, this allows gameplay to adapt to each patient based on their collaboration.

Additionally, it creates a fully personalized training experience through video games. This ensures that patients not only have fun and stay motivated during the treatment but also continue and complete it within less than 3 months, minimizing dropout rates.

“This international development represents a step towards a world where quality vision care is accessible to everyone, everywhere, in an objective and entertaining manner,” said Eva García Ramos.

According to our partner in the United States: “Our intention is to make the best technology available to all vision professionals, and with WIVI, we are confident in achieving that.”

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