Cómo convertir el entrenamiento visual en una actividad divertida

How to turn visual training into a fun activity

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We would like to thank Clara Fábregas Ibáñez for interviewing our founders, Eva García Ramos and Juan Carlos Ondategui-Parra, in Crónica Global and for giving us a space to raise awareness about the importance of visual health.

It has been a pleasure to share how WIVI Vision helps specialists assess and improve the vision of any individual in a more objective, faster, and enjoyable manner.

Visual assessment and training with clinical data and 3D video games

There are visual problems that cannot be solved with glasses and require visual training to correct them. WIVI focuses on these visual dysfunctions.

WIVI Vision is a tool that allows analyzing if the user presents visual dysfunctions and helps to correct them in a few months through personalized training in the form of 3D video games.

As Eva García Ramos points out in the interview, “With WIVI Vision, our goal was, on the one hand, to reduce the evaluation time: it usually takes 60 minutes, and with our tool, we do it in 12. We also aim to shorten the training time, which typically lasts between 6-12 months, and we achieve it in just 3.”

WIVI not only enhances the user experience, but also improves the experience of specialists.

For specialists, it works as if it were a blood test. Once the game is over, it obtains a series of parameters that indicate if something is not going well and, depending on these results, it establishes one training session or another.

More than 8,000 users in Spain have experienced how evaluating and training visual efficiency with WIVI Vision is something unique, simple, and improves their quality of life.

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