Video de Juan Carlos Ondategui, Cofundador de WIVI Vision

WIVI Vision helps you to improve visual efficiency

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WIVI Vision is a solution for specialists of visual health who would like to support their visual therapies with new technologies.

Our mission is to offer solutions that help professionals assess and train patients’ visual efficiency in an objective and personalized way. And provide people with the opportunity to improve their vision with an innovative experience.

An easy and powerful tool for optometrist

As Juan Carlos Ondategui, our Co-Founder, describes in the video: “The aim of #WIVI is to detect and correct visual problems, but also to provide the optometrist with an easy and powerful tool to manage data to improve visual health”.

Thanks to technology, Artificial Intelligence and 3D, we have managed to create a solution that helps optometrists to assess the capabilities of the visual system and to implement personalized training to improve the different visual dysfunctions that can affect the patient of any age.

While the patient plays with clinical video games, our technology evaluates up to 50 parameters of five visual areas in a comprehensive way and detects if the patient has visual dysfunctions. Afterwards, it helps the patient to correct them with personalized training that the software applies and readjusts.

For the professional it is an essential clinical support because they have access to reports with all the measurement data and evolution of each patient. And for the user, it is enjoyable, they just have to interact with visual challenges in 3D.

User interacting with WIVI Vision. Image property of WIVI Vision

Technology simplifies processes

WIVI Vision has managed to simplify patient assessment times to 10-12 minutes instead of 1 hour. And we have optimized the time of training sessions to 20 minutes instead of 45 minutes and reduced the overall therapy duration to 2.5 – 3 months for severe visual dysfunctions.

In this way, our objective is that the professional can improve the visual efficiency of their patients by relying on a tool that allows them to manage data and time to care for visual health in a more massive and universal way.

If you want to know how our technology works and everything it could provide you, contact us!