Founders of WIVI Vision

Videogames to improve vision

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We start 2022 in the best way with an interview by the journalist Gonzalo Cachero about WIVI Vision to our founders, Eva García Ramos and Juan Carlos Ondategui-Parra, published on El País, one of the most important media in Spain.

In the interview, WIVI is described as an immersive platform that assesses visual dysfunctions and applies visual training to solve them.

Innovation and technology to improve vision

Vision therapy focuses on the neural and psychic dimensions of cognition. A field in which few professionals specialise and where there is limited commercial innovation, but which includes common dysfunctions such as amblyopia or ‘lazy eye’, highly prevalent in children and usually corrected with the well-known patches, or near-sightedness caused by high exposure to screens, often mistaken for myopia

It’s in this area of visual health that WIVI Vision specialises with a solution that is accurate for optometrists and fun for patients: “video games supported by Artificial Intelligence and personalized for the user that allow optometrists to follow the evolution of these dysfunctions and treat them”.

A patented innovation that, as Eva García Ramos explains, makes use of new technologies “to provide training in an integrated way”.

In fact, Juan Carlos Ondategui-Parra points out that the main need of professionals was “a mechanism to measure objectively, in assessing and observing the effects of corrective exercises”. This is the space that WIVI vision covers using the latest technology personalized for each patient.

We thank all the media who help us to spread the message about the importance of improve people’s vision through new technologies!

You can read the full interview here