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E-Health Technical Solutions: An innovative company in the fields of health and technology

E-Health Technical Solutions is focused on the design and development of technical and clinical solutions based on scientific evidence for visual dysfunctions. The company’s services include the assessment and training of functional disturbances in vision with an exclusive and innovative technology.

eHTS wants to boost the assessment and improvement of the visual health of the persons at risk of school dropout, at a first instance.

Our mission is to develop technical solutions to improve visual function and quality of life.

Our vision is to universalize health care and training of the visual function. This involves the optical, neural and psychic functions. WIVI wants to achieve this goal offering the highest innovation and technology standards at an affordable price.


We blend both worlds:

  • Technical: allowing us to come up with tailor made hardware and software solutions.
  • Clinical services: providing treatment and consultancy services, given our experience in the clinical field.

Our work and products are supported by leading partners in the technology sector. We have a strong reputation in both sectors, and we hold the trust of customers and suppliers.


We have more than 30 people working with us in the project.