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Artificial Intelligence for visual dysfunctions

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Barcelona, 23 December 2020. The paper edition of La Vanguardia has dedicated a full article to WIVI Vision. Under the title “Artificial Intelligence for visual dysfunctions”, La Vanguardia presents the WIVI Vision solution. The newspaper highlights its innovative, “disruptive” character. WIVI Vision represents a before and after in the treatment of visual dysfunctions.

The complexity and subjectivity of the traditional method

With traditional methods, it is difficult to diagnose visual dysfunctions. It is estimated that between 30% and 50% of children have some kind of visual dysfunction. About 10% of the child population has severe impairments that limit their development. In addition, it is estimated that 20% of children with dyslexia and 30% of ADHD cases are actually misdiagnosed cases of visual impairment. Currently, these traditional methods consist of a “battery of tests” subject to the subjective judgement of the clinician. These tests, moreover, are long and tedious, particularly for children.

Learning through play

The WIVI Vision system solves these two problems: complexity and subjectivity. The WIVI solution, based on IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence, provides objective data that allows an improvement in 95% of cases. Regarding complexity, the system is based on gamification, which allows the child to follow the treatment in short sessions. In these sessions the system learns, providing each person with visual stimulation that is also a challenge. The patient learns by playing. WIVI Vision, says Eva García, “reduces the time and cost of treatment”. For the specialist, it is “a tool that provides results and objective measurements”.

La Vanguardia closes its article by commenting that WIVI Vision is already being marketed in Spain, England and Portugal. The response from professionals has been very good. With WIVI Vision they have a tool that allows them to save time to treat more complicated dysfunctions.

You can read the full article here

From WIVI Vision, we thank La Vanguardia for the interest in our solution!