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WIVI: visual + cognitive enhancement

The system offers a complete cognitive visual function assessment and training of visual dysfunctions providing a personalized plan for each patient and specialist, with freedom of movement, high accuracy, real time measurement at an affordable price using 3D technologies.

The embedded tailored SW + HW + services based product is European & PCT requested patent. WIVI has been co-designed and validated with our prescribers. The WIVI approach to the market is a B2B Model. After 25 years in the sector we have direct access to 200 CEOs, this is 60% of the market share.

WIVI is a new immersive and interactive product based on 3D visualization and interaction which allows a comfortable and free way to assess the skills and capabilities of the visual system as well as the design and implementation of treatment by appropriate vision training for improvement and standarization. Various elements where images and 3D models are presented simulating different realistic scenarios with different visual challenges.

WIVI is…

WIVI aids visual treatment in a consistent and comprehensive manner through objective measurement, so the responses are only influenced by the user’s response. Parameters are measured in an objective way in order to minimize the subjectivity of the ocular dysfunctions. The measures of ocular parameters are performed while the individual strives to fulfil his challenge.

The product allows visualization with high quality images, comfortably and relatively free to perform eye and body movements. Thus, the system describes all the skills and capabilities of the visual system, (not just one function) providing a proposed recommendation and training. All the measurements are objective, in real time, with repeatability and do not rely on the variability associated with a specialist or a system.


Our product includes customer services aimed to evaluate or improve the visual system.

These services offered by WIVI enhance the work of professionals and are performed in a short period of time.