La Gafetina relies on WIVI Vision

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We are very pleased that La Gafetina has incorporated our solution into their specialized vision therapy center!

WIVI Vision enables them to enhance their vision therapy services with new technologies and helps them to assess and train their patients’ visual efficiency in an objective and personalized way.

Innovation in visual health arrives to Villanueva de la Serena

People who want to check their visual efficiency will be able to do it in a fun, objective and personalized way with WIVI Vision in La Gafetina. And if WIVI detects possible improvements or visual problems, it also helps you to train your visual abilities and correct possible dysfunctions.

Our solution helps professionals to assess and improve the visual efficiency of all users and solve multiple visual problems in people of all ages, from 7 to 99 years old.

WIVI Vision is a clinical video game supported by Artificial Intelligence that provides clinical assistance by assessing and improving the capabilities of the visual system while the user experiences it as a game through personalized training sessions.

Our mission is to provide a tool for specialists to improve the wellbeing of their clients through technology that helps to confront the challenges facing us in the field of visual health.

Thanks to La Gafetina team for trusting #WIVI and adding value to the experience and visual health of their clients.

If you are in Villanueva de la Serena, Badajoz, come to La Gafetina and enjoy the experience of improving your vision with video games supported by Artificial Intelligence!

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