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The ‘Netflix of the optometrist’ that treats visual dysfunctions with personalized 3D games

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Our founders, Eva García Ramos and Juan Carlos Ondategui-Parra, explain in an interview with EL ESPAÑOL how WIVI vision has revolutionized the traditional concept of optical treatments:

The pandemic has increased vision impairment in millions of people. Overexposure to screens during confinement and teleworking have increased the number of patients who say they have visual problems which, with the traditional prescription, cannot be solved.

Up to date, vision was mostly approached from the optical point of view, the one that allows compensating the user’s deficiencies through a pair of glasses. WIVI Vision has revolutionized this traditional concept in optical treatments with its platform that focuses on visual efficiency

Improve your visual skills with new technologies

“98% of treatments to improve vision impairment are focused on optics. As a result, only 2% of patients suffering from some type of this dysfunction are treated,” explained Juan Carlos Ondategui, co-founder of WIVI Visión.

This is the action area of WIVI Vision which, supported new technologies, provides clinical assistance to specialists in assessing the capabilities of the visual system.

“The idea is to provide the specialist with a Netflix of vision, in which we are incorporating new services, but he accesses and watches it where before, in a very easy way”, emphasized Eva García, co-founder. Binocular, reading for children and computer vision syndrome are some of the services already activated.

“We are the physio of optics. The user corrects his visual dysfunctions as if he were playing video games.

Eva García Ramos, CEO & Cofounder of WIVI Vision

Our equipment simplifies patient evaluation time and in only ten to twelve minutes, depending on the severity of the case.

In this line, we go a step further: “Our innovation is not limited to a device that performs an adjusted diagnosis of the visual deficiencies, also offers a treatment that is easy for the optician and for the user,” insisted the co-founder.

The startup’s proposal goes from applying traditional treatments based on “pencil, paper and cardboard” to developing an innovative visual game that corrects these dysfunctions. “We are the physio of optics. The user corrects his visual dysfunctions as if he were playing video games. Behind it there is a very complex and specific technology, but neither the specialist nor the user perceives it,” the co-founder emphasized.

The vision training sessions take place in optical centers and last about 20 minutes.“We have managed to reduce to two and a half months the solution for visual deficiencies that used to take six to seven months to correct with traditional therapies,” Ondategui explained.

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