WIVI’s mission is to contribute to improving people’s quality of life

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We are very grateful to Corresponsables for interviewing our CEO and Co-founder, Eva García Ramos, and for giving us the opportunity to share the social impact of WIVI vision.

As Eva points out in the headline of the interview: “our mission is to contribute to everyone having a higher quality of life through the assessment and improvement of visual efficiency.”

Boosting the social impact of WIVI Vision

The magazine Corresponsables, which focuses on corporate social responsibility, has interviewed Eva García Ramos to talk about the social impact of WIVI Vision and its innovation in the visual health sector.

WIVI Vision assesses, corrects, and improves visual dysfunctions and skills in both adults and children, relying on cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, 3D visualization, and Big Data.

It stands out for its purpose and originality, as it is capable of measuring more than 50 parameters from 5 visual areas, providing objective clinical assistance to specialists, and positioning itself as the most comprehensive solution in the market.

In the 20-minute interview, you will hear the three key points that drive WIVI Vision to contribute to people achieving a higher quality of life through the improvement of visual efficiency and the integration of everyone into society.

WIVI Vision enables its users to regain visual efficiency in a simple, personalized, fun, and non-invasive manner while experiencing 3D video games.

Our solution has a significant social background, as its objective is to improve people’s quality of life by promoting visual health, both in the diagnostic and training aspects.

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