Eva García Ramos, CEO and Co-founder of WIVI Vision, winner of Hearst Lab

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We are very pleased to announce that Eva Garcia Ramos, CEO and Co-Founder of WIVI Vision, is one of the winners, along with Bandora Systems, of Pitch Hearst Lab, a prestigious competition for women-led startups.

We would like to thanks the jury and HearstLab for recognizing the innovative potential of WIVI to transform visual health and enhance people’s lives.

Pitch Hearst Lab rewards the potential of WIVI Vision

Pitch Hearst Lab is a competition for proposals from women-led startups.

Its mission is to close the gap in venture capital funding for women by not only investing capital but also supporting founders in building healthy, sustainable, and highly scalable businesses.

The finalists of this edition of Pitch Hearst Lab were Lucía Martínez Prado, Founder & CEO of Break-Even, Jesica Alcalde García, Co-Founder & CEO of FuelYourBrands, Maria Luke, Co-Founder & CEO of Uelz.

And the two winners: Eva García Ramos, Co-Founder & CEO of WIVI Vision, and Marcia Pereira, Co-Founder & CEO of Bandora.

For WIVI Vision, it has been a unique opportunity to participate and be one of the winners of Pitch Hearst Lab

We continue to advance and grow together to enhance people’s lives by assessing and training their visual efficiency with the latest technology.