The story of Conrad and his experience with WIVI

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One of the most emotional moments we lived in #WIVIexperience was listening to Conrad’s testimonial, a WIVI patient at Villena Optical Center.

We would sincerely thank Conrad and his family for sharing their experience with WIVI and for bringing attention to a situation that could be affecting other children and has a solution.

Listen to his testimonial!

WIVI has helped him improve his vision and solve his reading problems

Conrad told us that when he read, he saw some letters backward. For example, instead of a ‘b’, he saw a ‘d’, which caused him difficulties in reading and writing. But, after assessing and training his vision with WIVI, he can now read and write correctly!

WIVI helped him identify that his reading difficulties were related to his vision and helped him resolve it through a fun experience.

As our Co-founder, Juan Carlos Ondategui, pointed out in an article from La Vanguardia: “Children should go to the optometrist, like to the dentist, once a year, to prevent a physical problem with an easy solution from becoming a more complex learning issue”.

WIVI assesses visual efficiency in 12 minutes and applies personalized visual training that helps the patient improve their vision in less than 3 months through customized 3D video games.

If you know someone who may identify with Conrad’s testimonial and his family’s, tell them that WIVI can help!