Zas Vision incorporates WIVI Vision among its visual health services

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We are delighted to announce that Zas Vision is incorporating WIVI Vision among its services to further strengthen its commitment to innovation and the visual health of its clients.

Through this partnership, WIVI Vision will be implemented across the extensive network of visual health centers of the cooperative, which comprises more than 100 opticians nationwide.

Zas Vision is betting on visual health innovation with WIVI Vision

The Zas Vision group, a cooperative formed by independent opticians with over 50 years of experience in the sector and present in many Spanish provinces, will have access to the innovative 3D interaction system, which allows specialists to prevent and treat dysfunctions through personalized, objective, and non-invasive training.

For Eva García Ramos, CEO and co-founder of WIVI Vision, “This agreement represents a very important new boost to the growth of our solution in Spain to assist the optical sector.”

Zas Vision’s support is a testament to the commitment of the optical sector’s top professionals to a technology that will enable the integration of visual efficiency into their business. Additionally, it offers users a diagnosis and training in a fun, objective manner, helping to recover patients in less than 3 months.

For the management of Zas Vision, the introduction of WIVI technology to its network of associates aligns with the philosophy that unifies all its optical centers: prioritizing the visual health of its patients above all else.

Thanks to the agreement with WIVI, the visual health professionals at Zas Vision’s optical centers will have access to this innovative solution to support the improvement of their patients’ visual health.