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Children’s reading comprehension determines their success at school

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La Vanguardia publishes an interesting report about the importance of correct reading comprehension in school success, which shows the alarming data that one in five Spanish 15-year-old students don’t understand the essential idea of a text.

Students’ visual reading skills condition their comprehension of texts and consequently affect their learning. Among the factors that cause this situation we find vision problems and the insufficient assessment of reading skills at an early age.

The importance of eye health in children’s development

Difficulties in reading comprehension may be related to the presence of vision problems. Good visual performance is essential for good school performance.

As Juan Carlos Ondategui-Parra, co-founder of WIVI vision, explains: the imprecision of the so-called “sadistic movements”, which are those that the eyes make to move from one point to another in a space, do not allow the reader to jump from one word to another or to move to the right line. If this happens, it means that 7 or 8 year olds get lost when reading, use their finger to point where they are going, move their head or confuse letters, among other problems.

“Children should visit an optician once a year to prevent a visual problem from becoming a learning disability”.

The WIVI Vision system measures the child’s problem and creates personalised training, using artificial intelligence and 3D experiences. In this way, it improves their visual skills in reading and corrects visual dysfunctions.

According to Juan Carlos, “Children should go to the optician, like the dentist, once a year, to prevent an easily solved physical problem from turning into a more complex learning problem“.

Thanks to La Vanguardia for the participation of our co-founder, Juan Carlos Ondategui-Parra.

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