Eva García Ramos, one of the 35 Spanish women leaders in technology according to Forbes

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For WIVI Vision, it is truly an honor that our CEO and Co-founder, Eva García Ramos, is among the 35 leading Spanish women in technology highlighted by Forbes Women España.

We would like to thank Forbes Women España, Esther Molina, and FORBES España for this great honor, for recognizing Eva García Ramos’s expertise in technology and business applied to a field like health and vision.

Forbes Women highlights female leadership in technology

We are proud to share this distinction with extraordinary women and organizations that generate a significant impact in the world:

Companies that bet on inclusivity and accessibility. Experts who harness artificial intelligence to tackle social challenges. Innovative solutions that contribute to a more sustainable future, advance healthcare, and leverage technology for diagnosis and early intervention.

Each of these incredible women and projects leads positive change in their respective fields, like WIVI Vision in visual health. This recognition reinforces our commitment to driving social innovation and contributing to a better world through technology.

Eva has always regarded technology as a key collaboration axis to aid. With years of experience in the technology sector, she has become a benchmark profile for empowering women in the entrepreneurial and ICT sectors.

With WIVI Vision, Eva and Juan Carlos Ondategui, Co-founder, have the primary goal of incorporating a disruptive technological solution to advance visual health. They aim to democratize the cost of these assessments and training, ensuring accessibility for the entire population and achieving a positive social impact.

Let’s continue together creating a better future through technological innovation!

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