WIVI User Testimony

Laura improves her reading comprehension with WIVI Vision

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Laura is a 15 year old patient who is improving her reading comprehension at Optics CIHES with WIVI Vision.

Sometimes students have difficulty to understand what they read because of visual problems. For this reason, it is important to assess the visual skills that interfere with reading, detect if there is a problem and begin to correct it with personalized visual training.

A good visual efficiency is important to read

As our co-founder, Juan Carlos Ondategui, points out: “who sees near objects double, will have difficulties in reading and comprehension“.

Another common case is the imprecise execution of the “jumps” of the eyes between words and letters during reading, that could limit learning how to read (very common in children) or limit the reading comprehension during learning (very common in adolescents).

Testimonial Video of a WIVI Vision User – Property of WIVI Vision

Laura tells us that she had these kinds of symptoms, but with WIVI she is resolving them: “before, when studying, I had to read things several times to understand them well and now a couple of times is enough for me. Even though I haven’t finished the training, I already notice a lot of ease when studying.”

WIVI Vision are clinical video games that while users play visually challenging games, our technology assesses their visual efficiency and applies personalized visual training to correct their visual problems.

We would like to thank Laura for her testimonial and for trusting WIVI Vision to solve her visual problems and improve her reading comprehension.

If reading is a challenge for your child, check their visual efficiency and improve their quality of life with WIVI Vision. Contact us!