Óptica Zamora works with WIVI Vision to innovate in visual health

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Optica Zamora always offers innovative services in visual health, and they have #WIVI to assess and improve visual efficiency!

WIVI Vision helps the center’s professionals to assess and treat the visual efficiency of all users and solve multiple visual problems in people from 7 to 99 years old.

Assessing and improving vision through a unique experience

People in Boadilla del Monte can check and improve their vision with new technologies in Óptica Zamora.

WIVI helps the specialist to assess visual skills in an objective way and applies personalized visual treatment to each user in order to solve possible visual problems, but also to train their vision.

And all of this while the user is playing with 3D visual challenges!

In this way, people can take care of their visual health with new technologies and in a simple, fast, objective, personalized and fun way.

Come to Óptica Zamora and check for yourself the experience of improving your vision with video games!

​​We would like to thank the team of Óptica Zamora for trusting in WIVI Vision and for including new technologies to add value to your customers’ experience.