WIVI Vision crece en 2022

WIVI Vision grows in the visual health sector

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Jaime Cevallos, a journalist of the specialized media Moda En Gafas, has interviewed Eva García Ramos and Juan Carlos Ondategui, founders of WIVI Vision, to talk about the evolution of #WIVIvision in the visual health sector: “WIVI Vision ‘grows up’ and aims at two million by 2022”

As our founders say in the interview, the prospects are positive and we would like to continue our expansion in the national and international market to give more and more people the opportunity to improve their vision with new technologies.

Technological solutions for visual assessment and training

“Vision therapy is one of the services that brings more benefit to the optician, from the professional and economic perspective”, say Eva García and Juan Carlos Ondategui.

​​WIVI Vision is a clinical support system based on Artificial Intelligence to evaluate and train visual dysfunctions with objective measurements and through 3D visual challenges. For the specialist, it provides objective support because they have access to reports with the evaluation and evolution data of each patient. And for the user it is an entertaining experience because they evaluate and improve their vision with video games.

As the media says in the interview, “nowadays, the company has signed agreements with Cione, General Óptica and Natural Optics Group, and has managed to implement its solution in 30 opticians’ shops, which have vision therapy as one of the strengths of their business”.

We would like to thank Jaime Cevallos and ModaEnGafas for the interview with our founders and for the opportunity to talk about our evolution and growth in the visual health sector.

You can read the full interview here