Acuerdo entre WIVI Vision y General óptica

WIVI Vision and General Optica join forces

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The journalist Beatriz Aznar has interviewed our founders, Eva García Ramos and Juan Carlos Ondategui- Parra, to talk about how WIVI Vision technology brings a qualitative step forward in the treatment of visual problems.

In addition, in the interview they announce WIVI Vision’s new agreement with General Optica to include our technology in several of their shops.

The WIVI Vision team is very grateful to General Optica for supporting the digitalization of its services with our technology and to El Español for helping us to spread the importance of improving people’s visual health.

Preventive vision care

Digitalization and the most advanced tools make it possible to take preventive care of vision, just as with regular blood tests.

“Nobody doubts, for example, the benefits that technology has brought to the automotive sector. We transfer this spirit to the field of visual health, and this prevention of human ‘breakdowns’ is very important,” says Eva García Ramos.

The agreement will allow General Optica to offer a differentiating service of early detection and treatment in a context in which there has been a significant increase in pathologies derived from visual dysfunctions as a result of confinement and the pandemic.

WIVI’s treatments help to correct visual deficiencies through video games with an average duration per session of about 20 minutes.

From optometrist to data manager

With WIVI optometrists become data managers because the digital platform provides reports with data on the patient’s assessment and progress with corrective exercises. According to Juan Carlos Ondategui: “We make the optometrist the new advanced data manager, and that puts us in a leading position worldwide. Other similar solutions are a step behind.”

As Juan Antonio Franzi, sales director of General Óptica, explains, “this collaboration allows us to continue strengthening our value proposition in eye health and our mission to offer visual solutions to improve people’s quality of life”.

WIVI is based on 3D and artificial intelligence and provides clinical help to specialists so that they perform personalized training to correct visual dysfunctions.

As Eva points out, “the opticians who have installed WIVI are opening up a new area of business while at the same time taking care of the population with a preventive strategy as is already being applied in other sectors”.

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