Wivi Vision signs an agreement with Cecop

WIVI Vision signs an agreement with CECOP

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We are pleased to share that WIVI Vision joins forces with the CECOP group of opticians. We announced this in an interview with the journalist Paula Clemente in El Periódico.

An alliance that allows us to begin a stage of national and international expansion and represents a recognition of the WIVI Vision solution as a clinical aid for the specialist and the importance of visual health.

A big step to digitalize visual assessment and training processes

As the head of CECOP Spain, Alejandro García, points out: “Visual health and, in particular, visual therapy is one of the strategic lines for independent opticians and the digitalization of this is a big step forward”.

In this way, we will be able to bring our technology to all the group’s opticians and make it easier for professionals to use a powerful and easy tool to assess and improve the visual efficiency of patients.

Eva García Ramos, CEO and Co-founder of WIVI Vision, with Alejandro García, Country Manager of CECOP Spain

WIVI Vision is an innovative system supported by Artificial Intelligence that helps to the specialist to objectively assess visual efficiency and apply personalized visual training to each patient. The user corrects their visual dysfunctions while playing with 3D visual challenges and reduces detection and recovery times in more than half. This process is suitable for everyone, no matter what age they are.

This step forward means that professionals can use a tool supported by the latest technology to improve the visual health of the population.

You can read the full interview here