NATURAL OPTICS GROUP AND WIVI VISION join forces for the worldwide launch of their solution

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NATURAL OPTICS GROUP and WIVI VISION have reached an agreement or the worldwide launch of WIVI. The trial carried out at the Nature Optics center at Fuerteventure Island suggested that the VIWI visual healthcare solution will be an instant success. VIWI is the answer to the need detected by professionals to give a healthcare solution to visual issues.

 “We are positive that WIVI will bring a revolution to the world of optics”, declared Carme de la Fuente Brull, director of associate services at the Natural Optics Group. In their official statement, Carme de la Fuente declared that the WIVI Vision technology fits within the bid for innovation of the NATURAL OPTICS GROUP. The WIVI Vision idea, says Carme, is in line  with the values and aims of their group.

“We are positive that WIVI will bring a revolution to the world of optics”

“We are aware that we are living in highly challenging VUCA environments”, commented Carme. This is why we follow closely all new research and the latest technological advances for the optometrist, the sales outlet, and business analysis. We go beyond looking for a good patient experience. We look for an excellent patient experience, with excellent solutions that offer excellent services”. The most outstanding feature, says Carme, “is the objective data for a good diagnosis. The reports, consisting of stats and assessment values that show tangible improvements in the patient… showing marked improvement.”

The excellence of WIVI Vision is endorsed by the CE marking and the Medical class granted in November 2019 by the Spanish Ministry of Healthcare, along with their first sales. WIVI Vision is also endorsed by more than 30 highly prestigious national and international awards in the Healthcare and Technology sectors.

From WIVI Vision, we would like to thank NATURAL OPTICS GROUP for this opportunity to implement our visual healthcare solutions and our technology for the treatment of our children’ visual problems. We would like also to thank all the firms and organizations that gave us their support.  Eit Health, South Summit, Enisa, CDTI, IBM, UPC, ESADE, Catalonia Bio, Barcelona Activa,… To All of them, Thank you so much!