Claravision Group includes WIVI Vision technology in their optics

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Claravision Group joins innovation in visual health to offer the latest technology in their optician’s shops.

We would like to thank you for your trust in WIVI Vision and your desire to add value and differentiation to the customer experience.

High added value for customers’ visual health

We have reached an agreement with Claravision Group to expand our technology for the assessment and treatment of visual dysfunctions among their network of opticians.

The professionals of the group and WIVI Vision have a shared purpose to offer the highest quality and the latest technology in visual health and vision efficiency improvement.

Our technology helps them to measure in 12 minutes up to 50 parameters of five visual areas and assesses if a person is visually impaired. WIVI also corrects them in less than 3 months through personalized training sessions of 20 minutes with 3D video games.

As Javi Cantó, optometrist at ClaraVisión Onteniente points out: “WIVI is a solution for the present and the future, which helps us to detect and treat any disorder of the binocular accommodative system. We are delighted to incorporate it into our professional services, as it is undoubtedly a great added value”.

In a first phase, our solution will be implemented in the two reference opticians of the group in Ontinyent (Valencia) and Granada (in Recogidas street, 59).

If you are near, come and discover how to improve your vision with the latest technology!

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