The professionals of Optica Clerigues innovate in visual health

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The professionals of Optica Clerigues incorporate WIVI Vision to provide a distinctive value to the visual health of their customers.

Our technology helps them to assess and train the visual abilities of adults and children in a fast, objective, personalized and fun way.

Discover the #WIVIZone of Optica Clerigues

If you’re in Benifayo (Valencia) you can visit Optica Clerigues and discover the experience of assessing and training your vision with the latest technology.

  The team of Optica Clérigues will explain to you how easy it’s to check and improve your vision with WIVI: play with 3D visual challenges while WIVI tests and trains your vision.

It’s simple. First, our technology assesses and tests your visual skills in 12 minutes and then provides the test results to the specialist in a very visual way so you can easily understand them. 

But WIVI not only gives you the diagnose, it also gives you the solution: a visual training that in 3 months will solve your visual problems.

Also, they have prepared a #WIVIZone where customers have a special place while they improve their vision with WIVI.

We would like to thanks the team of Optica Clerigues for trusting in our technology and offering innovative solutions to add value to the visual health and experience of your customers.