WIVI Vision signs a new agreement with Farmaoptics

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We are pleased to announce that Farmaoptics wants to use WIVI Vision to assess and improve the visual health of its customers with Artificial Intelligence and new technologies!

WIVI Vision represents the evolution of the traditional method of visual assessment and training with the purpose of improving and promoting people’s quality of life through a real, fun and non-invasive experience.

Adding value to the visual health of customers

By using gamification, artificial intelligence and 3D technology, this system allows to evaluate more than 50 parameters of 5 visual areas and to personalize the trainings to each patient regardless of their age.

According to Teresa Llobet Pollina, CEO of Farmaoptics, “with this new clinical visual measurement tool, we will help our associates to reinforce their professional position and improve considerably the patient’s experience by providing an exhaustive examination in a very short period of time”.

WIVI allows to reduce the assessment period to 12 minutes and the training period to only 3 months in severe impairments instead of the usual 6 to 12 months and with objective clinical measurement of all visual skills at the same time.

Eva García Ramos, Co-Founder and CEO of WIVI, commented: “We are very pleased that an optical group like Farmaoptics, with almost 40 years of experience and great prestige, wants to work with WIVI Vision and trusts in our quality and the advances that our solution provides”.

If you are a Farmaoptics associate and you would like to know what #WIVI can offer you, contact us!

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