Fast and accurate assessment and improvement

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WIVI Vision provides non-invasive technology that can assess and improve visual problems quickly and conveniently.

Oftentimes visual problems are underestimated, not because of their lack of importance, but more likely because they are misdiagnosed or not well known. This can be a major issue during childhood and adolescence, when a growing person tries to adapt to these issues. This unnecessary adaptation can eventually turn into developmental problems. In other words, visual dysfunctions can impact reading and comprehension skills affecting professional and personal development.

Coping with it as soon as possible is critical. As in doing so, in the least invasive and most convenient way. As it is true that being affected by visual dysfunctions during childhood is particularly problematic for development, at this period the threshold for improvement can be wider in a shorter period of time. Therefore, the sooner we can detect and identify the issue, the better it is.

Is the current clinical instrumentation obsolete?

The technology behind optotypes used for the clinical evaluation and treatment nowadays was mostly designed during the 19thand 20thcenturies. Current standards are based on text performance and scorekeeping, generating an uninspiring diagnostic experience for the patient as well as a non-quantitative output subject to the physician and/or technician subjectivity. Evaluation and treatment is fundamentally based on the analysis of the subjective patient data and the subjective clinician assessment, and no records are kept on what happens during the process. Results depend on certain stimuli that the patient identifies, so the instructions and influence of the specialist during the assessment are essential.

Furthermore, optometric therapies are expensive and time consuming, comprising typically a long treatment period of 6-12 months with clinical sessions of between 50-75 minutes.

WIVI comparative

Revolution through technological innovation

WIVI Vision is a new system that can describes more than 50 parameters of a person’s visual function in real time with high accuracy and freedom of movement. The approximate time for the first exploration is 20 minutes, which means a 75% reduction compared to current trainings, consisting in a comfortable and entertaining session for the user. The standard treatment period is also reduced from 6 months to 2,5 months. These results in a more convenient solution, as the patients saves from 58% to 85% in the complete therapy while creating and engaging experience for the user.

WIVI aids visual treatment in a consistent and comprehensive manner through objective measurement, so the responses are only influenced by the user’s response. Parameters are measured in an objective way to minimize the subjectivity of the assessment of the visual dysfunctions. This system will enhance the work of professionals allowing them to provide a more accurate data as well as adapting the treatment to each patient.