Worldwide innovation

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E-Health Technical Solutions is a Spanish company that is revolutionizing the visual health sector thanks to a world-class level pioneering technology.

E-Health Technical Solutions is a Spanish company with international investment that blends clinical services with the latest technologies, in order to offer innovative solutions for visual health. Not in vain the company’s founders boast more than 25 years of professional experience in this field, gained both domestically and internationally.

Eva García Ramos, Telecommunications Engineer, and Juan Carlos Ondategui Parra, PhD Optometrist, are the two founders of E-Health Technical Solutions. They both currently share the same goal: revolutionizing the visual health sector through highly innovative solutions and helping the prescribers to assess and train the visual functions and helping the children to avoid these visual problems.

In fact, we can say that they are achieving this goal thanks to the company’s first product, WIVI Vision. WIVI Vision has already been recognised both nationally and internationally. WIVI has been codesigned with the main sector clients.

These are some of the major novelties that WIVI incorporates compared to traditional evaluation and training systems:

  • WIVI’s visual assessment has superior detection rates regarding current alternatives
  • Assessment and treatment can be done via the same solution
  • The methodology is supported by scientific evidence, early assessing and improving visual limitations
  • Reduces significantly the treatment period and each session duration
  • WIVI is a more convenient alternative, representing savings for both the patient and the prescriber
  • The system in based in new technologies that have earned recognition at the Watson Competition and EIT Health

In summary, WIVI is a new tool that analyse and improve visual dysfunctions and integrating optical. All of which is also possible meeting the needs of users and professionals, in terms of affordability and convenience.