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New technology offers a unique opportunity in the eye health sector

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The digital media Canal CEO has interviewed our CEO and Co-Founder, Eva García Ramos, who after more than 24 years of experience in the technology and business sector, decided to make the leap to entrepreneurship with WIVI.

As the interview explains, WIVI Vision performs a holistic evaluation of the patient’s visual system and designs and applies training for each person, providing a visual experience to correct it in an objective way and with a short recovery time.

Eva García Ramos, CEO and Co-founder of WIVI Vision

It’s just as important to focus correctly as to understand what we are seeing

What really sparked Eva García Ramos’ interest in the eye health sector was a personal experience with her mother, who was diagnosed with a neurological disease through her eyes. This was the triggering factor that led her to identify the need and develop WIVI together with Juan Carlos Ondategui, who wanted to universalize a much more refined diagnostic and training process after 30 years of working with manual and subjective methods of vision therapy.

As Eva García Ramos explains in the interview, “together, we detected an unmet demand from the optical sector in the area of assessment and training of visual dysfunctions. There is a wide belief that the only solution to visual problems is the use of glasses. But this ignores the important relationship between other parts of vision. It is as important to focus correctly as to understand what we are seeing.

New technologies and their evolution allow us to reinvent ourselves almost continuously, and in the health and medicine sector this offers a unique opportunity. WIVI Vision is the proof in eye health innovation.

We are very grateful to Canal CEO for the great interview with our CEO and Co-Founder.

You can find the full interview here