New article by Lookvision magazine on the joint Project of Natural Optics Group and WIVI Vision

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Lookvision, the leading magazine in the optician sector, has published a new article on the joint project of Natural Optics Group and WIVI Vision.

NOG Days: highly positive impact

Natural Optics Group supports WIVI Vision, a software solution based on the IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence. WIVI Vision assesses and train visual issues through objective assessments. According to Lookvision, all the Group’ associates “were highly impressed by WIVI, in particular those who tried the 3D experience firsthand”. This project has had a very positive feedback in the webinars hosted by NOG.

According to the managers of Natural Optics Group, their firm “is defined by a holistic approach to the vision and audition sector”. “We are trying to find something beyond a good patient experience: we are trying to achieve an excellent experience with excellent solutions through excellent services”.

Why NOG supports the worldwide launch of WIVI Vision?

The WIVI Vision solution is entirely in line with the values and objectives of Natural Optics Group. Besides, WIVI has CE and Medical Class marking from the ministry of health. That is, the WIVI Vision solution for several visual conditions had been certified by international bodies. On the other hand, the WIVI Solution has been endorsed by 30 different awards, national and international, in the Healthcare and Technology sectors.

WIVI is a leap forward in visual healthcarem

WIVI describes more than 50 different parameters in five visual areas. And it can do so within less than 15’ and in 20” training sessions. Therefore, this is the most powerful clinical treatment tool currently available. Furthermore, WIVI Vision enhances the patient’ experience, by making a comprehensive review in a very short time.

User experience is highly improved thanks to gamification

User experience is highly improved by gamification. Thanks to gamification, it is possible to have a diagnostic and to monitor a treatment! Treatment consists of playing a 3D game, in an interactive and personalized way! Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, the system adapts playability to the results of each patient, thus providing them with personalized training. This is one of the key elements of its success: patient engagement. Patient engagement prevents user dropout, as happens so often in conventional visual therapy.

This is why WIVI Vision is a qualitative leap forward in visual healthcare.

The most outstanding feature of WIVI Vision is the objective data that can provide a precise diagnostic. Thanks to their reports, graphs and data, it can assess and monitor training, showing tangible improvements during training sessions.

What can WIVI contribute to the optician business model?

In the first place, we can say that we are still focusing on the refractive issue, that is corrected with glasses or contact lenses. In recent years, optician shops began to carry out diagnostic tests such as PIO, OCT or corneal topography. These tests, in most cases, allow opticians to play a role in the prevention of vision conditions.

WIVI Vision is a quantitative leap in visual health

Finally, there is a very important aspect. Only 1 percent of all opticians offer these services to their customers/patients. Therefore, this treatment reaches only 2 percent of patients with vision efficiency issues. These include binocular vision, accommodation, reading skills, ocular motility and visual perception.

The COVID-19 lockout highlighted the importance of visual efficiency issues. This is precisely where WIVI Vision can reinforce the opticians’ role. In 30% of the observed population have visual issues. Then, why there are so many professionals dedicated to identify these issues? There are many reasons: lack of time and room, user dropout, long and costly training, etc.

For many professionals, all these are dissuading elements. It is here where the WIVI Vision solution can help.

WIVI Vision “Will be a revolution in the optician world”

The agreement between Natural Optics Group and WIVI Vision was born with the objective of allowing opticians to care the visual health of their patients. “We are convinced that we shall enroll many professionals to provide solutions to many patients. Towards that end, Natural Optics Group and WIVI Vision have reached an agreement for the worldwide launch of WIVI, in a joint effort with their two founders, Eva García Ramos and Juan Carlos Ondategui-Parra“.

The pilot program launched at the Natural Optics Group centers in Fuerteventura promises that WIVI Vision will be a great success. Therefore, we are convinced that WIVI is going to be a revolution in the optician sector”.

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