WIVI Vision to participate in B-Venture

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WIVI Vision has been selected to participate in B-Venture, the most important entrepreneurship event in Northern Spain.

B-Venture is a business venue where entrepreneurs can find the contacts and visibility they need to develop their disruptive business ideas.

The WIVI Vision solution for infantile visual health is one of the groundbreaking projects selected

Contacts and visibility for groundbreaking projects

The fifth edition of B-Venture, the major entrepreneurship event in Northern Spain, will be held on October 20-21 2020 at the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao. B-Venture was created to help all entrepreneurs with disruptive business ideas. In this event, startups and entrepreneurs will find the visibility and contacts they need to develop and consolidate their groundbreaking projects.

Because of the current health emergency, B-Venture will be a hybrid event, combining virtual with on-site conferences. All events will be broadcasted through streaming. Most companies selected are from Biscay (13). There are also two companies from Alava and one from Guipuzcoa. The selection is completed by three companies from Barcelona, two from Madrid, one from Alicante and one from Zaragoza. Most of them belong to the industrial sector, but there are also firms from the internet, food, ITC or healthcare sectors.

The WIVI Vision solution for infantile visual issues is one of the projects chosen to be in that years’ edition of B-Venture-all the projects selected are pioneers in their respective fields

All the projects, WIVI among them, present extremely groundbreaking ideas. They are all pioneering firms in their fields, with high degrees of innovation and added value. In the healthcare sector, WIVI will be presenting their solution for infantile visual issues. WIVI can assess and train infantile visual issues thanks to a combination of Artificial Intelligence and gamification. The WIVI solution is easy, cost-effective and has a very low dropout rate.

Pioneers in their fields

Selecting WIVI for B-Venture is a great recognition to our work. It recognizes the groundbreaking innovation of the WIVI solution. From WIVI Vision we want to convey our thanks to B-Venture for their choice. It means a lot for us and for our project that provides visual health solutions to infantile vision issues.