Founders WIVI Vision and AI for visual dysfunctions

WIVI at the Roche Partnering for Innovation Summit in Basel, Switzerland, on June 17th

Roche Partnering for Innovation Summit private event is aimed to galvanize the Roche community around the future transformation of healthcare and diagnostics and WIVI will be the only Spanish startup selected to present on this year’s edition.

External partnerships are a cornerstone of today’s medical research and development. By partnering with enterprising startups, the pharmaceutical industry develops and brings to the clinical practice new and innovating products, from new molecules to groundbreaking devices and methods.

Roche’s Partnering Innovation Summit, to be held on 17th June 2019 at Basel, Switzerland, gathers more than 800 professionals from the pharmaceutical industry and a few promising startups. For this years’ edition, 23 startups have been selected and only one of them from Spain: WIVI Vision.

With more than 25 years of professional experience at the sector in e-health technical solutions, WIVI Vision is an award winning Spanish startup that has earned more than 30 national and international recognition. At the Roche Partnering Innovation Summit WIVI’s co-founders will have the pleasure to prepare and moderate two panel discussions as experts in technological disruptive innovation field and other activities.

One panel discussion is entitled “Applying IA to evaluate and train children”, with special mention to WIVI Vision, eHTS first solution that implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in the clinical practice which can assess and improve visual dysfunctions in real time at an affordable price, and the second one is about “Personalized medicine: when and how technological innovation disrupts the current standard on health”.

The co-founders wanted to thank the Roche’s organization for that invitation and the opportunity to participate in such an event surrounded by innovation and new ways to transform healthcare.