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WIVI interviewed at SER Catalunya: an innovative 3D clinic technology to assess and improve visual dysfunctions for the youngest

e-Health Technical Solutions (eHTS) presented WIVI, an innovative 3D solution to assess and improve children visual dysfunctions, in the Aquí Cuní radio program. The co-founders are proud to publish WIVI’s interview done by Pipo Serrano and Josep Cuní, journalists from SER Catalunya, one of the most relevant Spanish radios, on June 4th of 2019.

Already based in Barcelona, Bilbao and Berlín, the startup born in 2016 present WIVI as an outstanding 3D clinical solution based on IA and IBM Watson technology which provides information to the health proffesional to help in triage or identify early signs of a disease or condition.

Growing at European level has been possible thanks to different sources of funding: from co-founders financing, a German venture capital fund, a Spanish company and other private investors. They also had received national and international public funding, such as ENISA or SME Instrument phase I from Horizon 2020 of the European Commission and they already have won 30 awards in 3 years, such as the Josemi Azkoitia Award from EIT Health Headstart or the Best in Show Presenting Company at the MedTech Investing Europe Conference in Lausanne.

According to the American Academy of Optometry and British Council, 1 out of 4 of children have severe visual dysfunction which means that are limiting their academic and professional development.

Prof. Juan Carlos Ondategui-Parra, PhD, co-founder and Optometrist, explains that “WIVI focuses on young children from 5 to 15 years old that are learning to read and they are also starting reading to learn. Parents and teachers can detect firsts signs and symptoms but, until now, 50% are undiagnosed and only 2% of the users are treated due to lack of resources and subjective measures. Our system focuses on the neuronal and psychic areas (which the first one allows us to move and focus our eyes and the second one codifies everything we have seen) and it is aimed to treatment visual dysfunctions.”

“To play tennis they teach you how to serve, make moves… our solution is the same: we know how to look but we aren’t able to interpret and to codify the information. WIVI offers to the specialists an objective, real-time, easy, comfortable, fast and engaging solution at an affordable price to work with and get objective results in all the visual areas” stands out Mrs. Eva García Ramos, CEO and co-founder of e-HTS.

The co-founders really appreciate all the support that they are receiving from all the public statements, large and medium companies, accelerators and universities and they want to thank Josep Cuní, Pipo Serrano and SER Catalunya team specially for being interested in their company, making visible the relevance of improvement of visual dysfunctions at early ages and recovering those children to a normal quality of life.

You can listen the complete podcast here: https://play.cadenaser.com/audio/1559640098_007283