WIVI and visual reading skills presented by Juan Carlos Ondategui Parra at the OPTOM Meeting in Valladolid, Spain

The OPTOM Meeting of the General Council of Colleges of Opticians-Optometrists (CGCOO) took place in Valladolid, Spain, this June 14-16th.

The Chamber of Miguel Delibes Cultural Centre in Valladolid was the venue of the congress, which brought together more than 500 opticians-optometrists every year. The event was dedicated on a monographic and cross-sectional basis to Paediatric Optometry: challenges and solutions.

The scientific program included the presentation of important clinical advances, the latest techniques, and the results of the latest scientific studies developed and advanced by the most recognized specialists in the field of paediatric vision.

Moreover, there was space to present a great number of accepted posters about different aspects of paediatric optometry, diagnosis ands treatment, in diffierent areas such as binocular dysfunctions, amblyopia, refractive error, with special mention in the epidemical situation of myopia, and others areas of visual function. Prof. Juan Carlos Ondategui-Parra, co-founder of WIVI, proudly presented a poster on Sunday June 16th, which was entitled “Reading Visual Acuity vs Reading Speed in Spanish Children Population”.

WIVI is an immersive 3D clinical solution that could help to enhance reading skills among children, thereby avoiding dropout of school as well as improving their quality of life.