Parents and teachers: our natural partners

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How many times have we said: I would do anything for my children! We are indeed willing to do anything to help our children and our students.

This is where our collaboration becomes valuable, making a key contribution to a precise diagnosis for conditions that, more often than not, go undetected. Detecting these conditions might mean the difference between complete and normal inclusion of a child, which allows them to reach their full potential, or exclusion, with associated problems with individual, relational and social development.

Vision problems during the earlier stages of life, can, unless they are detected and treated in time, impair our development, not only in the professional world, but also in the social one. This is far from being an unusual situation: in our society, approximately four out of every 10 children under 15 years of age suffer from a vision problem.

Information is one of the basic foundations of the world in which we live -therefore, we must place a great deal of importance on our visual capacity- the correct processing of 85% of the information we receive depends on this. Towards that end, at E-Health Technical Solutions we have developed WIVI visión. After research and peer-reviewed testing, we can affirm, without a doubt, that we are now able to offer a complete visual evaluation at an early age, and provide future orientation for later stages, beginning with the first and most significant years of our lives in regard to visual capacity.

As scientists, we have tried to maximize the social impact of our projects. That is, we strive to go beyond individual benefits, instead focusing on improving the quality of life of the largest possible number of people and implementing positive, sustainable change for the benefit of society. As parents, and also as teachers, we are committed to give our children and our students the knowledge, the tools and the capabilities that will allow them to deal with the challenges that they will have to face in the future.

We always try to get the help of the best professionals. In the field of healthcare, opticians and optometrists can, with the help of WIVI vision, care for the vision of our children. Not only that they can also advise us, setting up a mutually agreed action plan and monitoring their development and needs.

Now we have the solution. What are we waiting for?