Foto CST y WIVI por su nuevo estudio cribado visual

WIVI Vision drives a new visual screening study

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We are excited to announce that we are going to launch a new pediatric visual screening study in partnership with the Joan Costa Roma Foundation and the Consorci Sanitari de Terrassa, funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation. The objective of the study is the detection of undiagnosed visual dysfunctions in children

This public-private collaboration alliance represents a significant step forward in our collective efforts to enhance the visual health of both children and adults through the assessment and training of visual efficiency.

The goal of the new pediatric visual screening study

In the study, funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation and the State Research Agency, we will focus on detecting possible visual dysfunctions among the pediatric population that can impact both visual development and learning.

The study will be conducted with the aim of enhancing vision diagnosis by leveraging the advantages offered by artificial intelligence and gamification, thus addressing an unmet need in pediatric primary care and pediatric ophthalmology.

As Juan Carlos Ondategui, Co-founder of WIVI Vision, points out: “Following the success of the first study conducted a few years ago, we are confident that our technology can continue to assist in improving diagnosis and detecting numerous alterations that are still overlooked today, both in public and private healthcare, to enhance the quality of life.”

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Grant CPP2022-009968 funded by MCIN/AEI/ 10.13039/501100011033 and, as appropriate, by  the “European Union NextGenerationEU/PRTR”.