Fundadores de WIVI VISION

“How well I see you!”

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“How well I see you”. This is the headline of the article that the Basque newspaper El Correo dedicated to e-Health Solutions and its WIVI Vision solution.

Vision is the sense that provides the most information to the brain. That is why it is important to take special care of it and even to train it, which is also possible. Under the headline “But how well I can see you”, El Correo examines the main features of the WIVI Vision solution. What are the methods and technology used. What are its objectives.

According to the article, “visual health goes far beyond whether or not you have myopia, astigmatism or presbyopia.” A person can wear glasses to correct any of these defects “and still not have visual acuity. That is, he or she may notice that he or she does not perceive the objects around him or her clearly. And that can be remedied by exercising our eyes”.

The goals: to universalize treatment

To provide this training, the article comments, “the Bilbao-based firm e-Health Technical Solutions has developed software that helps in both the evaluation and treatment of visual dysfunctions”. In the words of its founders, Eva García Ramos and Juan Carlos Ondategui, “Our goal in creating WIVI was to improve people’s quality of life by improving their vision

“We want to universalize treatments that are now performed in very few cases.”

According to Eva García Ramos, a telecommunications engineer, “we want to universalize treatments that are now performed in very few cases”. Sometimes, insists Eva, “patients get into the hands of specialists too late”. It is at an early age when it is most effective to work on aspects such as eye coordination, accommodation, depth perception or relief vision.

Training: easy and personalized

“Between 30% and 50% of children have some kind of visual dysfunction and of these, 10% are severe. In Europe, there are 15 million children with severe limitations caused by visual dysfunctions. These dysfunctions consist of double vision, not focusing… or that when reading their eyes jump chaotically so they do not understand what they read. Among others. These dysfunctions are only treated in 2% of cases. In addition, they are often confused with dyslexia and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

“The WIVI Vision solution works like a physiotherapist does.”

In these cases, with early and proper treatment, it is possible to correct 95% of these deficiencies. However, “only 1% of optometrists offer these services”. Therefore, “The normal thing is for specialists to address the optical part of the visual system, which is what is corrected with glasses or contact lenses. But not as much attention is paid to the neural part, which controls eye movements and focusing. Finally, the psychic part, which is the part that encodes and decodes and makes us interpret what we see, is also not given as much attention.

This is where the WIVI Vision solution comes in. The WIVI Vision solution works like a physiotherapist does. It helps the child to do different exercises intuitively, easily and as if it were a game. In addition, the sessions are much shorter than in standard vision therapy. The treatment, which is also valid for adults, is used for the adaptation to progressive lenses. Finally, it lasts three months (compared to one year for conventional therapy).