WIVI presented their success story at the Barcelona Tech Spirit

The creation of the Barcelona Tech Spirit event demonstrates the enterprising spirit of that city’ startup ecosystem. This event was an undeniable success, with more than 100 activities, 150,000 participants and some 1,000 business meetings involving around 450 firms.

One of the events was the Digital Health Open Doors hosted by the Barcelona Health Hub (BHH), including a startup venue and two discussion panels on the democratization of health care through new technologies and integration of digital health industry.

At the startup venue, WIVI Vision presented their success story, with more than 30 national and international awards. WIVI Vision is the solution for visual issues in children that can limit their quality of life and learning abilities. It uses clinical-grade 3D combined with other technologies (gamification, Artificial Intelligence) to detect and correct visual issues in children. ¡Many thanks to all the professionals and organizations supporting us who gave us the opportunity to present WIVI! Thanks in particular to EIT Health for the chance to present WIVI Vision, and to Barcelona Health Hub for being there!