Portuguese opticians and optometrists

Technological Advances and Optometry Innovation

Juan Carlos Ondategui, co-founder of WIVI, presented technological advances and optometry innovation during the Scientific Event of UPOOP in Lisbon

Juan Carlos Ondategui was one of the guest speakers at XII Scientific Conference of Optometry that took place last May 25-26 in Lisbon, Portugal.

Nowadays, clinicians are facing a constant growth in the development of diagnostic tools, equipment to perform treatments, materials and solutions for visual and ocular problems. These advances increase almost exponentially, and professionals continue in the constant struggle between technological advances and innovation and its implementation in the practice of optics.

During his conference, Juan Carlos presented new solutions in different areas: refractive surgery, OCT, Eye movements, Refractive Error, Vision Therapy… WIVI was also presented in the congress. He also addressed how to cope with Optometric Innovation to develop a more solid and committed practice with the professionals’ first goal, to serve their patients with the best competence and aptitude they can offer.