Innovative SME certification

WIVI Vision solution achieves Innovative SME certification

We are very proud to share that WIVI’s efforts to innovate and apply technology in vision care have been rewarded by the public sector. Only 0.8 companies out of 1,000 in Spain are officially considered Innovative SMEs, and now WIVI Vision is part of that group.

This year the company has been awarded the Innovative SME certification, valid until 17 December 2023, granted by the Ministry of Science and Innovation, as set out in Royal Decree 475/2014 of 13 June.

Technology to innovate in eye health

The WIVI system provides a complete vision assessment and personalised visual training to correct visual dysfunctions. It relies on IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence to evaluate more than 50 parameters from 5 different visual areas, providing objective data in real time. In addition, it allows the system to automatically readjust itself according to the patient’s responses.

The user connects to unique 3D experiences through a pair of glasses and only has to immerse itself in the visual challenges to let the system provide the specific assessment and training. In this way, it uses gamification to increase the user’s motivation and attention during visual exercises. A clinical video game for vision to improve people’s visual health.

The Innovative SME certification granted by the Ministry of Science and Innovation is a recognition that pushes WIVI Vision to continue innovating in order to improve people’s visual health through technology.